Hello! I’m Sathya Krishnamurthy. I am a UX/UI designer based in Toronto, Canada.

I currently work as a Graphic & Web designer at Venture Development Institute. I create pitch deck presentations for small businesses entering into Canada through VDI’s Incubation program. I also create logos for the companies in the program and create other marketing materials as needed. Prior to VDI, I worked in TAG Hardware where I advocated UX for their e-commerce website and created web and print related marketing materials. In the past, I have worked with various publications and agencies as a graphic & web designer. I helped to create branding and web page designs. I’ve always had a passion for conveying messages in an efficient way. When I’m not working, you can find me photographing & exploring the hiking trails or lost in a good book.

You can contact me by phone+1-647-915-6300 or by email at hello@sathya.design

You can check out my designs  & writings on Behance, Dribbble & Medium